Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the smoke is killing me smalls..

smoking sucks! it’s addicting, it smells, & it’s expensive.  E & i did some numbers the other day and realized that we spend about $85 a week on cigarettes together. that’s $340 a month and$4080 a year!
perry, my father in law has an e-cigg that fascinates me.  the e-cigg through joyetech comes with two e-ciggs in two packs and his friend john was kind enough to hook him up when he purchased his! every time i see one of them i ask multiple questions cause i’m super curious! about a month ago, i saw john at a show (they are part of a group called B.O.O.M) and i asked him about his e-cigg. he told me he would email me the link and i could check it out. the link never came and i harassed E to harass john about it.  again nothing happened. :(
sunday the 18th, E, allen, and i went over to my in-laws to celebrate my birthday. in the reed family we always celebrate birthdays a week or so prior so that if you have plans on your birthday you can still go through with them.  food at the reed’s house is always DELISH! i’m not much of a cake person, i think it’s cause the icing is always too damn rich for me. so perry made a badass carrot cake for me!!  i never expected to receive birthday presents cause we’re just not big on gifts for birthdays or holidays.  but this year i’m new to the family. well technically i’ve been around for a while, but since E and i are married..i’m legally part of the family now! anyways, so here comes my mother-in-law connie with two gift bags! like i said, i wasn’t expecting it and i’m really not good with opening gifts. i freaked a little haha!  the first bag was two bags and a glass bottle with blue M&M’s that said mr. & mrs. reed!! i couldn’t stop thanking them! ive always wanted personalized M&M’s but never had a reason to get them! the second bag had a little black box in it. i opened the box and to my surprise there were two e-ciggs in them!! i wanted to strangle E cause he knew about it and that’s why i never received the link to buy them myself!  sneakyasses lol!
i kept one and gave the other to E. since they’re the same, i needed to figure out how to make mine different so we wouldn’t confuse each other. not that it really matters cause we swap spit on a regular basis hehe ;x but still. when i went to disney last year i bought a nightmare before christmas sticker book.  i asked E if he could use an exacto knife and cut one of the stickers with jack’s head on it so i could put it at the bottom. so here it is..my little e-cigg.
on monday we went to a smoke shop to check prices and see what kind of nicotine flavors there were. the flavors are ridiculous. watermelon, jolly rancher, vanilla bean, bubble gum, strawberry…just random shit. they even have camel or marlboro nicotine flavors which we thought was pretty cool. we ended up walking out with vanilla bean per the employees recommendation.  he said the popular one was vanilla bean and each bottle should last roughly about three weeks.  seeing as how E and i are sharing, it probably won’t last that long.  the only part of the e-cigg that makes me sad, but i know can be fixed, is that it leaks. it gets all over my hands and my purse :( i’m planning on buying some back up atomizers and tips so it should work fine soon. at first i felt like i was smoking out of an asthma inhaler lol but i’m getting use it. i still want ciggs off and on. i don’t think the desire to smoke a cigg will ever go away..but at least with the e-cigg i’m not spending a gagillion bucks and it doesn’t have all the added harmful chemicals that ciggs have.
i’ve got some more sharing to do, but not enough time at the moment so i’ll be back with a new post soon.
..till next time ;]

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