Friday, March 23, 2012


a couple of online pictures and blogs have brought something to my attention…
i saw pictures and people talking about how neat it was and how excited they were. so i took it upon myself, as i normally do, to GTS [google that shit] and figure out what exactly it’s all about..
SMASH v. : that act of sticking your cool stuff into this awesome book.
it’s a scrapbook that comes with a pen/glue stick!  with different colored backgrounds and interesting quotes on some pages. 
what’s pretty awesome about this is if you’ve never scrap-booked, it’s a perfect way to start!  i’ve got ton of boxes with shit that i want to keep forever like pictures or drawings and this is the perfect place to put it. smash pads help you write down sweet quotes and memories. you can also buy more pens/glue sticks and cute paperclips to add some awesomeness to your book.
k & company sells all sorts of smash accessories on their site here. watch this video to see how a smash folio is put together.
you can also find smash folios at hobby lobby, amazon, michaels, and from what i hear, you can also find some at target. the sweet thing about hobby lobby and michaels is that you can get 40% off coupons online! avg price for the folio’s are between $11-$16 and a little under $35 for a smash folio kit.  the accessories are roughly between $2-$4..so still not that bad.
i’ve started putting a couple of things in mine, still have a shitload of blank pages..but surely i’ll get it full and want another folio! ;]
i paid my local hobby lobby a visit today during lunch to see what i could find.  i bought some marriage stickers today! ha, i’m married! i also bought some colorfulass BIC mark-it permanent markers to doodle all over the place.
you see that shadow ^^ yeah that’s my dome! don’t laugh!
i’ll show ya how my smash folio is coming along soon enough! till then, google smash folio and look at other people’s progress. there’s videos, pictures, and multiple blog posts about it.
&& now it’s bed time.
..till next time ;]


  1. OOOO WEEEEEE! I miss Hobby Lobby

    1. Cali doesn’t have them?! I like michaels too but shit is always over priced! plus hobby lobby always has sales going on!!

    2. Nope, No Hobby Lobby here. Michaels always has 40 or 50% off coupons – We live on those especially when you have an Artist husband lol


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