Monday, February 13, 2012

viva las vegas..

on my last post i talked about the rain houston was getting. we’ve had a couple more days like that since…and one of them is today. it is literally raining cats and dogs in houston. guess mother nature is making up for the major drought we had last year.
on to happier news..thanks to uncle sam and his wonderful people..i received a nice fat check from my taxes. initially i was planning on buying a couch. we currently have two love seats and we really like to stretch out..even if we are short people lol after the couch idea..my mister’s brother, allen, thought it would be great if we went to colorado for a couple of days. he has a friend there and the idea was to be there through allen’s birthday which lands on sunday the 26th. we added all the expenses up and it just didn’t seem like we were going to have enough cash to make it happen. flight+hotel+activities+food+rented gear=broke! so we passed on that idea.
last week i got an email from southwest airlines with some hot deals. one of them being las vegas. i went to vegas for my 21st birthday some years ago and LOVED it. how could someone not?! ;] my mister’s never been so i figured it would be a great experience.
the deal was flight+hotel+2 tix to a show. it was at a good price range since it had the free tix to a show. three of them being cirque du soleil. i got super excited and realized on thursday that it was the last day to book it. i told my mister..he said he was down so i booked it. i didn’t get an email confirmation for about two hours. once i received it, my gmail thought it was cute to show me only half the email. i should have called southwest airlines right then and there but i didn’t. i figured it would clear up and i would be fine. the damn email finally cleared up this morning (monday). grrr!! once i got it, i found the link to reserve our show tix and ALL the good shows were booked. FUCK!! i called southwest airlines and explained my predicament..they didn’t give a damn. the guy told me i could call the MGM box office and see if they had anything available. the lady i spoke to there apologized numerous times and tried her best to help but in the end the only shows available were viva elvis and the tournament of kings. since my mister’s never been to vegas, i figured watching a show on his first visit would be awesome. rather than not signing up for any, i went ahead and signed us up for the excalibur tournament of kings. i like elvis..but NOT that much lol!
when i was in LA for halloween, the hotel i was staying at was very close to a restaurant of medieval times and i realllly wanted to check it out. mostly cause of the movie the cable guy LOL!!
so we’re booked from wednesday the 22nd to saturday the 26th at the luxor hotel!! when i went for my 21st, i stayed at the golden nugget in downtown. the best part about this is that my mister and i have never been on a vacation together. so like my baby mama said…vacations can either break you or make you!! i’m hoping it’ll bring us closer..cause if it breaks us..i’m running away to cali haha! 3 1/2 years strong..we have way too much going for us to break us so i’m sure nothing bad will happen.
three places i’m looking forward to visiting again..
the M&M store (cause i’m madly in love with the blue M&M)
the Manhattan express at new york, new york (cause i hate rides, but i can do this one over and over..)
Fremont st in Downtown to check out the lights ( why not?! lol)
..till next time ;]

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