Sunday, January 15, 2012

beautiful weather..

monday was a pretty hectic day. it poured like crazy in Houston. it was pure chaos. working for a plumbing company meant being on the phone with desperate customers. everyone was dealing with water in places they were not use to dealing with. most people thought their houses would flood. others were stupid enough to think their cars could make it through what they thought was a little bit of water. have we not learned anything living in the bayou city people?! thankfully the rain didn’t hurt me, my car, or my house.
the rest of the week wasn’t too bad until Wednesday afternoon when we got home from work. grandma zoey wasn’t doing so good. I’ll spare you the details because it was a bit nasty but it was something that really worried us. I took her to the vet and $55 later, grandma zoey has overgrown bacteria in her. it can come from just about anything. I think she ate something outside and it jacked her all up. she was given antibiotics and shes doing much better now…and so is my clean floor lol!
hung out with a friend friday night and realized how bold some people can be. saw some folks do karaoke. ahh, I’ll never be able to do that. stand in front of strange folks and sing a song?! yeah, you’ll never catch me doing something like that. nope, nunca!
I woke up at 2 in the afternoon sunday. smh. i spent the week watching tv with the guys too late and it appears to be the reason why my brain shut down for so long saturday night.i woke up with energy which drove me to clean my casa and wash some clothes. yeahhh, wooooo! smh!
REMI also went to the vet Saturday morning. i heard it went real well. E tried to wake me up, but that apparently didnt work so I missed his visit :[
Sunday at the brick house was fantastical. the texans didn't win the game which made us real sad..but we celebrated a GREAT effing season! our boys did good and we're very, very proud of them. so proud that the majority of us got shitface drunk!! that doesn't happen often, especially now that E and I moved. we use to live about ten minutes from the brick and everyone would come over afterwards and play some fruit ninja on the Xbox kinect...now we live about 40 min from the brick. some of us can make it in about 25..we won't name any names lol
we can't all drive fancy cars like Dan and his Mach lol!! we drank, we laughed, we consoled each other, we drank some more..and then we danced it up...best Stella Sunday ever. thank you texans!!
..till next time ;]

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