Sunday, December 25, 2011

feliz navidad..

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
I have been blessed in many ways this year and I am extremely thankful!!
Today I’m headed to my misters folks casa to eat and celebrate Christmas with them. Last night we went to my aunts casa across the street from us to celebrate with my moms side of the family. I’m pretty excited about today cause we’re having Posole and Gumbo!! We also do a gift exchange and jack each others gifts. I think the game might be called white elephant?! It’s fun watching everyone kinda sorta like their gift and then see something else and steal it haha ;) I might enjoy actually purchasing the gift I bring more than actually playing LOL! We set the rule for a gift that cost no more than $35. As long as you do that, it doesn’t matter what you actually buy.
Alright well it looks like the guys are ready to leave and head to their moms casa.
Once again, Merry Christmas and I hope Santy Claus hooked everyone up!!
..till next time ;]

Monday, December 5, 2011

we moved..

i wanted to make a quick post on my moving status.
the day after thanksgiving is NOT a good day to move haha! thankfully we moved friday and it rained like crazy on saturday. we had the truck loaded in about 3 hours and unloaded in about an hour. i can’t explain how excitamated i am to be so close to work and friends..but i’m a bit sad cause now that i’ve moved to the southwest of houston…my momma’s about 40 minutes to an hour away from me in tomball. and another thing..i feel funny having my room as my momma’s bedroom. i walk in there and i expect to see my momma’s stuff and her laid out on her bed. slowly but surely, i’m sure i’ll get use to it.
i’ll post a foto of our casa once i take a good one. i’m actually considering selling my nikon d60 for a sony alpha nex-5. still not sure, gotta hit up best buy or frys electronics to check it out first. can’t buy something if it doesn’t feel right in my hands. not to mention, it’s not cheap..they run roughly between $499 – $700. so yes, must be sure before i purchase a new one. my thing is i want something a bit more compact..maybe lighter. carrying D around is a pain in the ass..and yesssss i know that back in the day they were heavy as fuck! but still, if it’s available to me..then why the hell not?!
alrighty, back to work i go. happy monday!!
..till next time ;]