Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the versa..

arrived in cali on saturday the 29th. just like last time, when i stepped outside the airport it was nice not having the humidity slap the shit out of me.  looked for my shuttle and jumped on.  i headed to the car rental place and was greeted by a sweet lady named ana.  she told me to hit up one of the kiosk to get my car. the kiosk i was working on started trippin so she came over and helped me out.  when the kiosk printed out my receipt she told me to go outside to the third row and to pick any car, keys were on the driver door.
i was like whaaaaa, you’re kidding right?! shit i’m use to having the car picked for me…not the other way around lol  i headed outside and saw that there were quite a few cars on the third row and kinda giggled lol  i searched for a nissan versa…only cause i had never driven one and figured it would be nice instead of getting a ford focus haha!  problem was, there was no versa’s. they had HHR’s, dodge caliber’s, crown vics (which is NOT a compact car) some hyundai’s, and a neon green ford fiesta!!!! i was NOT about to ride in a bright ass green car lmao it was just not gonna happen so i put my bags behind the caliber and figured i’d check the other cars out and save the caliber. nothing else did it for me so i popped the trunk and in my bags went. got in my new ride and drove off.
versa, the dodge caliber rental

it’s not the BEST car in the world yanno..cause gracie, my VW is the best lol but i really like it and i think i picked the right car. it’s comfy, good on gas, the trunk is somewhat of a hatchback and it serves as a great place to sit and shoot the shit.  i’m srsly liking this car!!
so meet versa.  i named her versa cause it just fit lol the funny part about this is that all i see everywhere are freaking nissan versas..EVERYWHERE!!! if i said i’ve seen less than 80 since i’ve been here…i’d be lying!!  another thing that’s pretty sweet about versa is that she’s from nevada. she’s a gambler hahaha!! i’m loving her all up tho!!
i’ll share some more next time..waiting to go out with xenia to grub it up. we’re hitting up some thrift shops, a japanese buffet, and checking out the coast.  cali is awesome, but it’s so much fun with rainy. damnit i wish i lived here. i’d be harassing her fam every single day lol i told my mom last night i wasn’t going back to houston and she said she’d be mad cause i’m suppose to be renting out her house dec 1st lol maybe later on in life i’ll move my ass over here and enjoy the weather, the people, and the activities.
..till next time ;]

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