Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the jack shirt..

I can go on and on about jack from the nightmare before xmas..but for your sanity and mine of course, i’ll refrain from doing that. keeping this short..i bought this black jack shirt from the disney store on thursday. my plan was to get it for my mister..but it was small for him. he thinks sub-conciously I did it on purpose lol who knows lol
point is, i now have a jack shirt! yayy!!
cari from inland empirical is hitting up disneyland for her birfday on the 13th. im jealous and totally making her buy me a jack backpack I regret buying ever since I left cali. it was $30 and truly awesome. I remember seeing a chick w it way before we went to disneyland and I neeeeed it! hopefully cari will find it and hook me up. i’ll be giving her the money thru paypal of course. k- i’m sure i’ll have more jack posts soon. :)
..till next time ;]

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