Tuesday, October 25, 2011

marriage, brothers, & balloons..

congrats to vin & becca!

congrats to vince & becca on their marriage.  these two have been together forever and it’s great that they tied the knot.  vince is my mister’s best friend…he got to be the best man too!

may your future hold lots and lots of babies <3
my mister’s little big brother is back in houston to stay…for a while.  he was living in austin for a couple years and decided to sell everything he & his girl (currently ex-girl) and backpack through europe.  3 months later, they came back to the states, OK to be exact.  worked a little on the joplin hurricane recovery.  came down for vince & becca’s wedding and decided to stay.  wish ya nothing but luck allen!!  hope to hear you’ll be moving in with us soon cause we really need a chef haha! <3
the little big brother is back..
john's fantastical foto of the balloon festival

checked out the ballunar liftoff festival in nasa this past weekend.  the wind was hardcore so they didn’t let any of them really fly.  my mister & i left before these were up..we honestly didn’t think they would do anything.  i was pretty disappointed…i’ve never been on a hot air balloon & i had never seen one up close. ehh, maybe next time.
as for the apt hunting…mom’s moving to tomball, tx to be closer to her job and save on gas.  the best part about it is that she moves and the mister and i get to head back to alief (southwest houston), our home.  i cannot describe how happy i’m going to be.  not to mention it’s only like 15 min away from our job..eff the 45 min drive to and from work!!  the packing begins after my trip..which will be discussed about in it’s own post. :]
..till next time ;]

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