Wednesday, October 26, 2011

california love..

hollywood farmer's market
saturday is the BIG day! i'm going back to californiaaaaaa!!!!
the excitement is killing me!! i cannot wait to get on the plane...granted i'll be heading to colorado first..or was it arizona?! eh, doesn't matter..i'll be on my happy way come saturday morning at 8:30.  not only will i be seeing cali again, i get to see my baby mama again..not only that..but she's preggos so i get to meet peanut (the baby). her son duke named the baby peanut. cute right?! so yes i get to see the G family real soon!
last year i stayed for four days i think...can't get everything done in that time..so this year i'll be there a full week..including halloween and dia de los muertos.

xenia & ari

lots of activities this year too. knotts berry farm -  the halloween haunt lol doing that sunday night! they have 13 freaking mazes and lots and lots of monsters. that's def gonna be a great night. i'll also hit the hollywood farmer's market from last year. had a blast with rain and her family.  also met vinyl soul there. beautiful music! hope to catch them there again. thanks to the stinky dallas airport i didn't get to houston till almost midnight..which meant, i needed the next day, monday, off or else i wouldn't of been worth shit at work. :x
gangsta gemma

so yes i'll be hitting up the knotts and then monday, halloween, i'm hitting up the hollywood halloween carnaval.  the fotos from that are going to be awesome! apparently it's 
the largest halloween street party in the world. each year, more than 500,000 people take to the streets of santa monica blvd to enjoy the craziest costumes ever. best part?! it's FREE! my kind of carnaval heh ;] i've got some ideas on what i wanna be..but haven't bought anything.  i've got two ideas...the v for vendetta dude.  i just gotta get the mask at party city and dress all in black. that's a pretty easy costume..and cheap! orrrr gemma from sons of anarchy..and that was rainy's idea lol i've gotta get a crazy wig tho lol!

this cali trip is gonna be better than last year..and filled with lots and lots of shizzle. i'd like to go to the nightmare before xmas 4d show too at el capitan on hollywood blvd.  damnit, i wish houston had as much as cali does :[ damnit damnit damnit! i'm gonna visit the tim burton exhibit at LACMA cause he's freaking awesome!  it started last year a couple days after i left. it ends the 31st so i've gotta see if before it's over.
i plan on making california an annual trip cause it's awesome and cause my baby mama is there! next year i plan on taking the mister...maybe towards the end of april (his birthday) and this way i can meet peanut!!!

the only thing i'm not looking forward to is the weather.  a cold front is coming to houston this weekend and the heat isn't going anywhere in cali. booooo!! still tho, it's a different type of heat. we'll see how it goes.

..till next time ;]

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