Wednesday, August 3, 2011

art is beautiful..

felipe contreras
 checked out the lawndale art center with my mister & our friend john a couple of days ago.  the plan was to hit smash burger up first, which was deliSH btw..and then check out the big show at the art center.  the last time i'd been there was last year for the dia de los muertos exhibit and sugar skull making class.  it's always a sweet visit cause the creativity in this place is wild. it's not your typical art that you'd find at a typical museum..and it's FREE!!

i should have taken D, but instead i took granny which only had two fotos left in her lol! not a big deal though, cause that roll was for my photo-swapping buddy in NY (i'll get into that in another post).  anyways, my friend john had his nikon with him and it takes fantastical fotos. here's a couple that i liked.

julon pinkston kermi

GONZO247 introducing mr. pickle

check out the rest of the fotos of our outing on his flickr here.
the lawndale art center has a HUGE wall that faces out to main street, which of course receives a shitload of traffic.  the center was kind enough to let daniel anguilu set up shop and paint the hell out of that wall.  we chatted a bit with him, mostly john cause he wanted me to take a picture of him on the machine.  it happened, but he was pretty surprised cause he wasn't expecting daniel to take him to the top haha!

daniel told us that he had more art not too far from where we were.  we jumped in our cars and headed that way. not only was there more art, but he had art on every wall of the building. creative and colorful is what i got out of it.  john took pictures of those too.
..till next time ;]

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