Monday, June 13, 2011

meet granny..

after 7 mths,  i finally had the film from the supersampler camera developed.  i was pretty sure i had more film, but i can't seem to find it.  since it was my first roll on this camera, i wasn't expecting too much.  i actually think i did pretty good haha!

i feel like i've kinda put the camera thang in the background of my life...weird cause i'm still just as in love with it as before.  i think what it might be is that i'm still real shy when it comes to taking pictures.  i've gotta get over it, i know..slowly but surely..

so i've acquired a new film camera.  since she's ol' skool, i've chosen to call her granny. :] i wasn't intentionally looking for another film camera, but i happen to be bullshitting on ebay and POW! she called my name.  i paid $24 with s&h, a camera bag, batteries, and two rolls of film.  granted the rolls are used, but there's just something about the surprise that gets me all hype.

last year i joined rhianne's photoswap and i was stoked, literally!  my photoswapping buddy lived in louisiana which didn't really get me too excited cause umm i live in texas and i've been to louisiana plenty of times..but still it was going to be a surprise foto roll! i sent my buddy my roll, which i was pretty excited about, and didn't receive shit in return!  i emailed the chick various times, if she didn't want to develop it then that was fine.  i offered to pay the shipping to get the roll back to me, but i never received anything from her.  this year rhianne is having another photoswap, one the i've already signed up for and am pretty excited about again.  hopefully this year my partner will come through for me.

..till next time ;]

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