Thursday, May 5, 2011

oh gracie..

april was a good month...except for this one problem...
check out this video for a preview...

april 11th, my vdub..gracie vdub that is, started overheating a block from my house. freaked me the hell out cause she's never overheated AND i was almost done paying her off (hallelujah!). i get home & tell the mister. we let her cool off and later that night he put water and some coolant in her.  the next day i'm ready to go to work and she's not.  what my mister didn't notice the night before was that he was putting water and coolant in her LUNGS..he drowned my poor gracieface. :[ his excuse - effing germans!! & right after that came my i-told-you so lecture. haha! needless to say, we both called in and got ready to flush her ass out before more damage was done to her.

my babygirl & my mister
we headed to vatozone for her new oil change necessities and some other crap, spent $167 there. headed back to the casa for the mister to do the damn thang. got that done then turned her on.  that video up there is from her first start. she was soooo congested lol! i tried driving her to a shop to get her engine oil flushed (which i did two months ago) but a cop pulled me over. mafucka had me stopped for 15 min explaining to me why the smoke was white and why it was coming out AFTER i explained the shit to HIM. smh! i wasn't complaining tho, he didn't give me a ticket..just told me to take my ass back home. called AAA to scoop up gracie.  the AAA wrecker dude kept telling my mister he better take his ass to jared's and hook me up with a big ol' rock lol!!

gracie was manhandled
shop manager finished her up an hour or so later and told us he did erthang (cost me $180) he could but that he was pretty sure a head gasket was blown. 
whaaaaaaaat?! a head gasket alone would be no less than $600..with labor we're talking about maybe $1,200 IF i could pull it off.  so yes, i was pretty damn sad.  the worse part of all of this is that there was only $200 left on her car note.  i drove her smokey butt back home and pretended not to be sad or mad.  i couldn't really hate on my mister..it's not like he had done it on purpose and he was already beating himself up about it cause he considers himself a knowledgeable mechanic. :[

luckily, my mister's close friend, J,  is a head mechanic at an audi dealership. SCCCCCOOOOOOOREEEEE!!! hahaha! he came over that weekend and peeped her out, figured we needed this and that and the weekend after that he came over to fix her up...which was the weekend we were going to celebrate my mister's bday.  J brought over his boxer, deezo, who is about 9 years old and def looks it.

deezo's lazy ass
he's the sweetest big boy ever, kinda looks like a seal in this picture too, haha! my dog jayla wasn't too excited about having a male dog in the casa, especially one that was bigger than her.  she showed her ass a couple times and deezo made sure to let her know he was submissive and didn't give two shits about her lol!

parts for gracie ended up costing me $240 and J didn't charge us for the labor.  i can't even explain how ecstatic i was when he told me how much i owed him.  shit coulda cost me a grip & then i woulda most def talked some shit to my mister haha!  thankfully gracie is perfectly fine now with a new water pump, timing belt, and thermostat. :]

..till next time ;]

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