Monday, December 20, 2010

bigger and better..

my dad said, "moving to a house is like having a whole different life, there's nothing like it!"
we made a month at the new casa this weekend and if i didn't agree with what my dad said..then i'd be lying.  it really has changed our lives for the better.

living in an apt is one thing, but living in an apt that is full of wannabe gangsta's and crime is unacceptable.  we broke our lease and rented my step-mom's casa for chump change.  if i told you how much our rent is, you probably wouldn't believe me..we still don't believe it.

since we moved to a casa with a HUGE backyard that meant jay could come live with me again.  she's lived with my mom for the past 2 years and i've missed her hard headed ass like crazy!  we've made her head of security and leana little has been named second in command!

today also happens to be the first day our lawn was cut.  my dad got the hookup from a friend of his and gave us all sorts of lawn care equipment.  i don't think i've ever seen someone so excited to do lawn work like i did today with my mister.  he was smiling or grinning in every picture!! :]

i'm really happy that he's happy and that all of our puppy dogs are happy too! our drive is about the only thing that sucks but ya can't have everything right?!

other than the lawn maintenance that was done today, we finally finished our xmas shopping!! -whew- xmas is fun, but def not shopping for it! ppl are maniacs with the shopping process.  every year i tell myself that i'm going to get xmas shopping out of the way early, but that never happens. maybe next year?!  i put a lot of thought into this year's gifts..normally i don't give two shits lol sorry..but this year i bought some good shit!

..till next time. ;]

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