Monday, October 25, 2010


as much as i've talked about moving to california and forgetting all about texas..i'm not quite sure i'd be able to do it! other than the fact that i can't stand the weather..i love everything else about it.  it's cheap and it's home, my lovely home!  on saturday while waiting for the girls to finish using the bathroom at cactus music, i spotted a book with the words HIWI on the cover.  i picked it up and read 'houston. it's worth it.'  when i realized that it was a foto book about my beautiful HUMIDASS city..i told myself i had to buy it.  it was pricier than i expected but def worth it.  i showed it to a couple of my friends and told them to pick a page with words that they liked and this is the turn out...

"i've lived in LA; san francisco; washington, DC; new york; and florida, but the nicest people i have ever met are, for some reason i have never understood, right here in houston"

"what're a few roaches and a tad of humidity between friends?"

"the smog makes the sunsets amazing."

"because when you walk out of the terminal at hobby, you know the air is there."

"the rain.  large soak-you-to-the-bone rain drops, fierce, beautiful lighting.  it rains so hard, you can barely see.  and it rains often enough to humble you, to show you what is really powerful in the world, and to remind you of what matters."

"only in houston can you smile at someone and they will smile back without second guessing it."

"drive straight before turning"

"houston is like a free MFA program.  artists can still afford space here, and as a result, there's a thriving artist-run scene.  the menil is badass, easily digestible in scale, and one of the most peaceful places in the world."

recommend this book to anyone who loves houston.  the fotos and the words really made me feel proud to be a houstonian.

..till next time. ;]

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