Tuesday, September 21, 2010

california 2010..

to be completely honest, i had a GREAT time in california.  the fact that i was alone helped a lot too.  i met a lot of people and saw many, many places and yet i was alone...no familiars anywhere.  i remember calling my mom saturday afternoon and telling her i was home sick...she laughed and then i said, 'NO not home sick..i think it's just that i haven't seen someone i know since thursday morning.'  weird, i know.

since i started P90X before i left..that meant i had to keep it up somehow.  i don't jog in houston..i can guarantee you that i'll pass the fuck out..but i jogged every morning in california and loved it.  the weather is great for jogging or just a simple walk.  i didn't eat healthy food but i ate small portions of what i actually did eat.  as for alcohol, i had a hard time finding dos x in bars or clubs..not sure why that is..but yeah i may have had a two beers max a night.  not much of a drinker..

thursday night, i paid a visit to the colorful sunset blvd and the viper room.  saw some nice acts in the lounge.  some entertaining and one left me wondering wth he thought he was doing.  those pictures are all in my flickr account so check 'em out. :]

saturday, the 11th i was given a '79 station wagon volvo as a loaner.  i drove it to the lomostore first for my pinhole class. haha, that sounds hilarious!  45 minute talk with satumi, who is a cool ass teacher.  her smile keeps ya interested ;]  the cool thing about the class is that if you have a diana f+ camera then you didn't have to pay anything for the class...which is what i did.  thank goodness i took it with me :]  

so yeah 45 minutes of satumi explaining the pinhole class and then we all got to go walk santa monica blvd and take pictures.  everyone took about 12 or so pictures cause it's 120mm film.  i took about 24 cause i bought the 35mm back right after i got my camera.  when it was all said and done..i bought a black super-sampler and a purple tank top. :] still haven't finished that roll..but i'm sure they'll be pretty nice!

after my fabulous class i drove over to hollywood blvd for the tourist part of my trip.  took forever to find some damn quarters so i could park somewhere.  once i had the damn quarters, i couldn't find any parking.  i ended up parking a couple blocks away and finally reaching hollywood.  once there my sister's told me to funny luis miguel's star.  that took forever and a day until one of my sisters found what addy it was at. lol!  i walked over to a souvenir shop where my 'nice-ness' came off as 'i give a fuck', so this security guard felt the need to follow me around the store talking about texas and so on.  pretty annoying but the guy looked like he needed to talk..so as i shopped for shit, he talked and i agreed.  i spent $100 in that store and came out with a couple shirts, shot glasses, mug, and some key chains for my family and my crew.  can't forget them right?!  by the time i finished it was dark so i called a friend and talked with her until i got to the car..but umm where did i park?!  after panicking for a bit..i saw a familiar store and saw the car. lol!  saturday night i ate indian food for the first time...pretty good if you ask me.  spicy, but very tasty.  the one food i never ate was mexican food..it never even crossed my mind and i eat that shit on a regular at home.  i hear it's waaay different then what the mexican food over here tastes like. damnit..next time i'll try it for sure.

sunday morning i did my regular jog and then got ready to go to the hollywood farmer's market with textdrivebys, her son and her hubby.  i had a blast checking that place out..so many people.  i ate a puposa..HA, haven't ate one of those in ages!  i took a couple of pictures of her son, duke with the supersampler..can't wait to see those.  we visited the urbanoutfitter's store looking for film camera's but didn't really see anything we liked so we walked outside where we took a picture together and then moved on to space15twenty store..i bought a book recommended by rain..it's all good by boogie.  the pics are a bit intense..but really good shots. check out his blog here.

overall i had a great time, took good pictures, hung out with some friends, met new people, bought some things, and came home with a great story to tell. :]

thank you california for treating me so damn well that i cannot wait to go back..too baddd you're so damn expensive..

..till next time ;]