Tuesday, August 17, 2010

eventful weekend..

this past weekend was fun-effing-tastic! ;]  friday night my friends and i went to 'the mink/the backroom' a small little club who had a couple of local bands playing.  i don't get out much so of course i was stoked when i was invited. the band we were looking forward to is called the tontons.  i heard from a friend who they were and how great they sounded, but never actually heard them.  i got home that night and looked them up on itunes.  my favorite song of the night, syrup.  ahh it's beautiful!  look it up on itunes and hear the preview, you'll love it, promise!  so the night was great due to the sweet bands we heard and the fact that i had my friends with me.  we were missing a couple of girls, but they were there in spirit for sure.  the only thing that i can complain about that night was the fact that there was no AC.   or better yet, there was AC but it wasn't good enough for us..we were all sweating bricks.  i'm guessing the reason why they didn't have it on was so that we would buy more alcohol.  bastards!! after the show we took our sweaty asses to see some mexican food.  we LOVE to eat!!

saturday was pretty awesome too!  my guy and i went to lunch with his family.  unfortunately not for a happy cause..his cousin bubba is being shipped out to afghanistan :[ were not to happy about it, but we definitely understand. we enjoyed a great lunch with the family, had many many laughs and left there pretty damn proud of bubba. :]  after that we spent some time with my guy's brother and some friends and headed off to the best show EVER!!

we saw...JO KOY!!  i swear i haven't laughed that hard in a very very long time..and if i have, it wasn't that good cause i don't remember it. :D  if he's ever in your town..please please go see him, i swear you won't regret it! not only did we laugh our ass off at his jokes, but he kicked two drunk bitches out for annoying the hell out of him [& us].  after the show we stood in line for a picture with him, bought some shirts that he autographed for us.  [not sure if you can tell, but i was suckin the gut in for the pic lol]. he seemed real down to earth..and super duper awesome!

we went to sleep way too late that night so of course we didn't wake up till 2 in the afternoon on sunday. haha! yeah that's how we do in my casa.  i checked my fb on my blackberry and come to find out, jo koy was at my all time favorite restaurant, cafe piquet.  i told my guy and we debated it for a bit...but then decided we didn't want to watch the guy eat lunch so we didn't go.  either way it goes, he was hilarious and i loved it.  i cannot wait to see him in the future.

it's been a good month so far.  thank goodness for that.  seems like the august's from my past all have bad memories so i'm glad this one's been great.

happy tuesday everyone.

..till next time ;]

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